The AgriFutures™ Rice Program aims to improve the profitability and sustainability of the Australian rice industry with a key focus on water use efficiency and varieties that deliver increased yield and improved eating quality.

Key components of the program

A key component of this program is rice variety breeding to further reduce demand for irrigation water and adapt to a climate that is hotter, drier and more variable.

About the industry

The Australian rice industry is a world leader in production efficiency, water use efficiency and environmental management.

Australia’s climate makes it ideal for the production of high quality medium grain rice and Australian growers produce more rice per hectare than anywhere else in the world. Australian rice achieves premium prices in world markets thanks to our research outcomes.

From paddock to plate, Australian grown rice uses 50% less water than the global average. Water use per hectare continues to decline because of the industry’s commitment to developing high yielding rice varieties that use less water, and the use of world’s best management practices.

With the capacity to produce more than 1 million tonnes of rice/ year, Australian growers play an important role in food security as rice sustains two-thirds of the world’s population.

There are around 1500 farm businesses growing rice in the Murrumbidgee Valley of NSW and the Murray Valley of NSW and Victoria.


The program is funded by statutory levies paid by industry participants. Up to half of program expenditure, including R&D expenditure, is matched by the Australian Government at up to 0.5% of industry GVP.

2019 Rice Industry Awards

The inaugural 2019 Rice Industry Awards is a new initiative aimed at bringing growers and industry together to celebrate the current and future success of the rice industry. Learn more about partnership opportunities and how you can get involved.

RD&E plan

The Rice Industry R&D Plan 2016/17-2021/22 builds on previous five-year investment programs. A significant share of the RD&E that underpins the rice industry success has been managed by AgriFutures Australia since 1991. The Australian rice industry is strongly supportive of the RD&E program and its management by AgriFutures Australia.

The plan identifies four key objectives for RD&E:

  • Rice breeding – varietal and quality improvement
  • Development of an aerobic rice system
  • Farm productivity – crop inputs, crop protection and the farming system
  • Extension, communication and partnership development.

Research open call

AgriFutures Australia seeks research project proposals through an open call process aligned with individual program research priorities. An open call will not be conducted within the AgriFutures™ Rice Program during 2018/19 due to drought conditions that have impacted program income.

Industry Advisory Panel

AgriFutures Australia is committed to working with industry to deliver research and development outcomes. We work in partnership with advisory panels to decide on research priorities and to make investment decisions each year.

Program news


John Smith
Senior Manager, Research
0437 179 359

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Latest News and Events


A new year and a new crop of leaders for AgriFutures™ Rice Advisory Panel

AgriFutures Australia is pleased to welcome growers Antony Vagg and Laura Kaylock to the AgriFutures™ Rice Program Advisory Panel who will step into the positions of retiring panel members Barry Kirkup and Garry Knagge.


Applications Open: AgriFutures™ Rice Program Advisory Panel

AgriFutures Australia is seeking applications for two positions on the AgriFutures™ Rice Program Advisory Panel from growers with an interest in, and passion for, RD&E.