Modernising Rice Data Collection


Currently, both Sunrice and NSW DPI collect crop information from rice growers which is often duplicated and not utilised to its maximum potential. NSW DPI and SunRice plan to work together to share relevant crop data collected from growers, thus avoiding duplication and maximising value from the data collected. There is an opportunity for NSW DPI to access information that SunRice already collects as part of its standard practice, through this partnership. This includes detailed individual field crop establishment data (variety, crop area) and harvest information (grain yield per field, grain quality). This minimises the data that NSW DPI needs to collect from the growers in order to get sufficient information to analyse agronomic practices against grain yield and water productivity. Agronomic practices, such as chemical programs used, can be captured and analysed as part of this process. There is a need for current, reliable rice crop benchmarking data that includes modern sowing techniques, water and nutrient and weed management practices aiming at 12 t/ha grain yield and improved water productivity. The outcome from the project would be the two organisations working closely together to develop a web based solution addressing the data collection and duplication issue and provided uptodate rice benchmarking data. This would also allow the opportunity to investigate development of an Application for ipad / iphone to enhance the entry of data in the future.



Research Organisation

The Crown in right of the State of NSW acting through the Department of Primary Industries

Objective Summary

The main objectives are; To access rice crop information already provided by growers to Sunrice and NSW DPI and input it into a more user friendly data collection system resulting in reduced duplication of acquired data. To increase the usefulness of the benchmarked data through improved analysis and more timely feedback to growers, researchers, advisors and the industry so best management practices can be fine tuned and issues can be further investigated before the following season. To increase the uptake of growers using the benchmarking database to 500 within the first year, from 250 in 2011/2012 To increase research exposure of this information through modern media eg video, phone applications

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Monday, July 15, 2013

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

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An environmentally sustainable Australia

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Adoption of R&D

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RIC-Extension, sustainability and human capital