Food Agility CRC

The Food Agility Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) aims to empower Australia’s food industry to grow its comparative advantage through digital transformation.

Established in 2017, the 10-year CRC will integrate the agile culture of the digital economy apply it to fresh and processed food industries.

AgriFutures Australia is one of 54 partners from food, industry, technology, government and research sectors in the CRC.

It is expected that the world population will grow to 9.6 billion by 2050, driving food demand. A rise in income in emerging economies is also expected to affect demands on food with an associated higher kilojoule intake driving an increase in the demand for protein.

The world is set to make a huge leap in the demand for higher-value food products and, while Australia currently enjoys a comparative advantage in agriculture with a reputation for quality and safety, consumer preferences are rapidly shifting and we face growing competition.

In this digital age, data will become a critical asset to the food industry. While Australian agricultural industries typically reflect the lowest digital adoption rates, the CRC is tasked with turning this culture around.

The CRC will develop and use digital technologies for sharing data to build brand, markets, jobs and exports across the food value chain.

Through a collaborative process, it has identified four strategic imperatives that will drive adoption of digital technology in this vital sector of the economy:

  • Produce the right thing: Faster insights from real-time data will help Australian food producers, processors and retailers provide the right products, for the right markets at the right time
  • Leverage brand Australia: Leverage Australia’s reputation for high quality and safe food while reducing unnecessary costs of compliance and duplication
  • Increase access to finance: Data can be leveraged to deliver access to finance through better management of risk
  • Build future workforce: Digital technologies can support the workforce to be more productive, overcoming skill shortages.