Ag Innovation

Global trends indicate significant population growth, rising incomes in emerging economies and increasingly informed and choosy customers.

Australia’s rural industries will operate in a world populated by 9.6 billion people by 2050, with rising demand for food and fibre, and consumption patterns shifting toward proteins, and healthy, ethically grown and sustainable products.

AgriFutures Australia has a critical role to play in preparing for the bumpy ride ahead and leading the way with innovative solutions.

As a forward-thinking organisation, we seek new perspectives on old challenges to drive innovation for our industries, improve production efficiency, and deliver solutions and services that help us grow and be profitable.

To shape the future of our rural industries, we are investing in the following areas:

  • New technologies: while agriculture might be one of Australia’s most traditional industries, it’s about to be transformed by technology. Digital technologies have the capacity to make the supply chain more precise, more profitable and more sustainable
  • Partnerships: we will work with national and global disrupters who look at old problems in new ways, embrace technology and innovate to provide our industry with solutions to boost productivity and profits
  • Leadership: the next generation of agricultural leaders are dynamic, entrepreneurial, commercially savvy and embrace agtech. It’s up to us to provide them with the support, networks and services to ensure the industry’s bright future.

Only through the combined efforts of our primary producers, innovators, problem solvers and new businesses will our rural industries thrive.

AgriFutures Australia will be at the forefront of innovation to ensure we are ready to harness the potential of our growing sector, a mission that will be guided by the four arenas as set out in our Strategic R&D Plan.


Michael Beer
General Manager, Business Development

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