Our Arenas

AgriFutures Australia has four distinct arenas that define programs of work and represent the organisation’s broad commitments in delivering on the priorities of the Australian Government, our stakeholders and our ultimate goal to create thriving rural industries and vibrant regional communities.

Each arena has a goal, desired outcome, programs for delivery and strategic priorities.

People & Leadership

To support the people driving the future prosperity of Australian rural industries and regional communities by providing them with learning opportunities and experiences.


Rural industries are equipped with skilled people and the leadership to grow and prosper.

  • Rural Women’s Award
  • Rural Women’s Award Alumni
  • Levied Industries Capacity Building & Emerging Industries Program
  • Horizon Scholarship
  • Ignite Network
  • startup.business
  • Country to Canberra
  • NFF Diversity in Agriculture Leadership Program
  • Australian Rural Leadership Program
  • Nuffield
  • Heywire
National Challenges & Opportunities

To identify and nurture research and innovation opportunities that are synergistic across rural sectors.


Challenges and opportunities that are common across rural sectors are identified and addressed.

  • National Rural Issues
  • Emerging technologies
  • ExtensionAUS
  • Nationally coordinated initiatives
    • The Climate Change Research Strategy for Primary Industries (CCRSPI)
    • Primary Industries Health and Safety Partnership (PIHSP)
    • Improved Seasonal Forecasting
    • Biocontrol of Weeds
    • Securing Pollination
    • Q Fever
    • Australian Biomass and Bioenergy Assessment.


Growing Profitability

To enhance the profitability and sustainability of our levied rural industries. Regional communities and the broader Australian economy depend on profitable farms.


Industry participants are confident that their levy investment is delivering value.

  • Rice
  • Chicken Meat
  • Export Fodder
  • Honey Bees and Pollination
  • Thoroughbred Horses
  • Ginger
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Pasture Seeds
  • Smaller levied industries
    • Goat Fibre
    • Buffalo
    • Kangaroo
    • Deer
    • Ratite
Emerging Industries

To support new and emerging rural industries.


High-potential emerging rural industries established.

  • Kakadu plum
  • Camel milk
  • Quinoa