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AgriFutures Australia is the new trading name for Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation (RIRDC). AgriFutures Australia invests in research, leadership, innovation and learning to support industries that do not have their own research and development function, new and emerging industries, and the issues that affect the whole of agriculture.

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Assessment of the use of degradable polymer films in early planting of aerobic rice varieties


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National Agriculture Day: Why education and positivity are the key to our sector’s success

AgriFutures Australia’s new General Manager, Research and Innovation, Michael Beer says there’s a lot to celebrate on National Agriculture Day and the future of the sector is bright indeed.


Robots revolutionising antimicrobial resistance testing

Robots are revolutionising testing for antimicrobial resistance in an Australian-first project, partnered by AgriFutures Australia. AgriFutures™ Chicken Meat Program has collaborated with Australian Pork Limited, Murdoch University and a number of biotechnology companies on this innovative project. The project aims to develop an inexpensive and accurate system for objectively defining antimicrobial resistance risks at the farm level.