AgriFutures Australia RD&E investment

AgriFutures Australia invests in RD&E that improves the sustainability and profitability of new and established rural industries and furthers understanding of rural issues of national and global significance.

If you or your organisation can help address our current research priorities, we welcome your application for funding.

At AgriFutures Australia we love great ideas. If you have a great idea for research that aligns with our strategic priorities, we want to hear from you.

To the AgriFutures Australia research community

AgriFutures Australia remains aware that the current COVID-19 health pandemic may impact researchers and staff working on projects (for example field work, lab work and travel).

We appreciate that circumstances may change at any time, and ask that you please keep your Program Manager updated if you or your research project are impacted (or email so we can work together on potential solutions.

Wishing you and your team members all the best in these challenging times.

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