Applying for Funding

AgriFutures Australia invests in RD&E that improves the sustainability and profitability of new and established rural industries and furthers understanding of rural issues of national and global significance.

If you or your organisation can help address our current research priorities, we welcome your application for funding.

At AgriFutures Australia we love great ideas. If you have a great idea for research that aligns with our strategic priorities, we want to hear from you.

To assess the fit for your research idea with AgriFutures Australia’ vision and strategic priorities, it helps to first do your homework. As a starting point, we recommend you familiarise yourself with:

If your idea is in line with AgriFutures Australia’ vision, the next step is to talk to the relevant Program Manager.

Intellectual property & commercialisation

AgriFutures Australia takes commercialisation and intellectual property opportunities seriously.

Our key goals are to:

  • influence the development of intellectual property and commercialisation to ensure Australian rural industries are the primary beneficiaries of Agrifutures funded research
  • maximise the uptake and benefits flowing from research investment in Australian rural industries by making new technologies, products, processes and services available as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible
  • ensure royalties and other financial returns are channelled back into related rural industries research

Progress reports

Once you commence a research project, it’s important that you report back on progress.

Scheduled payments depend on the annual progress report being assessed as satisfactory by the AgriFutures Australia Program Manager. Reports much be submitted by the agreed reporting date, whether the milestones have been reached or not.

A user guide for submitting progress reports can be downloaded from our online database management system, Clarity.

Final deliverables

Prior to the final milestone, you will need to discuss with the AgriFutures Australia Program Manager what form your final deliverable will take.

It must be submitted via our online database management system, Clarity by the completion date of the project.

To assist you to prepare your final deliverable, please use the templates provided.

Research priorities

AgriFutures Australia invites research project proposals via an open call process. The 2017 open call is now open.


14 August 2017Research open call opens
20 September 2017Preliminary research proposals (PRP) due 5:00pm (AEST)
8 December 2017Results of PRP assessments announced
13 December 2017Full research proposal (FRP) submission round begins
7 February 2018Deadline to submit FRPs 5:00 pm (AEST)
30 July 2018Contracts entered into


Prior to submitting

The Principal Investigator must have a Clarity username and password to submit a proposal.

If you require a username and password for Clarity please complete the Clarity Request for New User form and send to

If you require assistance completing your proposal, please refer to the user guides:

Research Contracts

AgriFutures Australia uses a standard form contract for R&D projects (Research Agreement), which sets out the terms on which AgriFutures Australia will engage successful applicants to carry out the project. Applicants must be familiar with the Research Agreement before lodging Preliminary Research Proposals (PRPs), and are advised to seek their own legal advice before lodging a PRP.

Open Call 2017

The following programs are participating in the 2017 open call for research proposals:


AgriFutures Australia is conducting an open call for research, development and extension proposals that address the priorities of the Ginger Program RD&E Plan 2017 – 2022.

The Ginger Program RD&E Plan 2017 – 2022 is developed around three critical objectives:

  • drive on-farm productivity – disease management, innovative technology and certified seed
  • lift the demand for Australian ginger – brand and market research
  • encourage industry engagement – extension, communication, leaders and partners

AgriFutures Australia has been managing a Ginger RD&E program based on a statutory levy since 2012.  The statutory levy is based on income from fresh ginger sales and is levied at a rate of 0.5% of the sale price.  The benefit: cost ratio of this program for the ginger industry has recently been assessed at somewhere between $8 and $19.9 of industry benefit for each research dollar invested.



It is recommended you discuss your proposal with the Program Manager prior to PRP submission.

Duncan Farquhar
Program Manager, Research & Innovation
02 6923 6912


Honey Bee & Pollination

Project proposals that address the objectives and strategies of the Honey Bee and Pollination five- year RD&E Plan will be considered, with priority given to proposals that address the following identified strategies.

  • undertake Tropilaelaps clareaeresearch and ensure incursion response strategies are appropriate and best practice
  • develop non-chemical controls for pest and diseases to ensure Australian apiary products
  • develop better understanding of the interaction between native flora/fauna and honey bees
  • develop technologies and techniques for determining floral resource yields
  • determine native flora flowering cycles
  • determine the likely climate change impact on floral production and the beekeeping and pollination services industries through a desktop study


It is recommended you discuss your proposal with the Program Manager prior to PRP submission.

Dr Dave Alden
General Manager, Research & Innovation
02 6923 6918


Pasture Seeds

Project proposals that address the objectives and strategies of the Pasture Seeds five-year RD&E Plan will be considered, with priority given to proposals that address the following strategies. 

Industry impact: Deliver harvesting methods for sub-clover and medics that improves the efficiency and speed of harvest and contributes to better soil conservation and environmental outcomes.

Project proposals are invited that address any of the following objectives:

  • focus on growth of domestic and export pasture seeds markets
  • improved industry capacity through skills and leadership training
  • production and processing efficiency and improved sustainability
  • improved industry knowledge with data, extension and communication


It is recommended you discuss your proposal with the Program Manager prior to PRP submission.

Michael Beer
Program Manager, Research & Innovation
02 6923 6915
0429 566 730