Request for Quotation – Scoping study into sustainable nutrition for productive tea tree oil plantations.

Request for Quotation

This Request for Quotation (RFQ) is seeking services to conduct a scoping study into nutrition management practices in tea tree oil plantations as part of the AgriFutures Tea Tree Oil Program.

Conduct a study of previous RD&E and current practices with the specific objective to report to the industry the recommended scope of future RD&E priorities for sustainable nutrition management.

The aim of this project is to report the current knowledge to date, solutions for current best management and provide priorities for further research. Growers consistently flag this information as high priority in surveys of RD&E requirements.

Individuals or organisations making a submission are required to have an understanding of Tea tree oil agronomy and production parameters that maximise the production of leaf biomass.

The AgriFutures Tea Tree Oil Program RFQ closes 12 noon (AEST) Wednesday 8 July 2020.


This Request for Quote (RFQ) will address the Improving supply objective within the three broad R&D objectives for the industry, and outlined in the Tea Tree Oil Program RD&E Plan 2018-2022.

  • Improving supply by improving Tea tree nutrition management practices across the range of growing conditions in Australia.
  • Improve the sustainability of production of Tea tree oil to satisfy customer demand for a clean, green product.
  • Improve plantation productivity across the limited production areas as the demand for this high value product is growing globally.
  • Provide a clear direction for future research and extension activities regarding nutrition management.

Project deliverables


The specific objectives of this scoping study are to:

  1. Document the current situation regarding the impact of nutrition management in Australian tea tree plantations.
  2. Determine the key limitations of current nutrition management practices and provide solutions for best management.
  3. Report to the tea tree oil industry on this information and recommendations for research and extension needs and priorities.


Successful completion of the RFQ will include a detailed budget, project design, and communication strategy. The budget request for funding amount is estimated to be below $30,000.

Proposals should include collaboration with experts in the field, industry bodies and Tea tree oil producers.


Date Activity
13 May 2020 RFQ applications open
12 noon (AEST) 8 July 2020 RFQ applications close
8 August 2020 Expected execution of contract or issue of agreement
8 August 2021 Expected project completion date

AgriFutures Australia believes that the project should be completed within 12 months. If a longer timeframe is required, the Tenderer should explain why that is the case.

Terms and conditions 

By submitting an application, respondents acknowledge that they are willing to accept the terms and conditions set out in the Research Agreement.

The Respondent agrees that AgriFutures Australia may accept or decline to accept the Respondent’s Quotation in its discretion. No commitments or contract exists until a contract in the form of the Research Agreement is executed by both parties. The Respondent agrees that AgriFutures Australia is not required to enter into any contract in connection with the RFQ.

The Respondent agrees that participation in any stage of the RFQ process is at the Respondent’s sole risk and cost.

Acceptance of a Quotation will occur only when an Agreement is issued or a contract is executed.

AgriFutures Australia, at its discretion, may discontinue this RFQ, decline to accept any Quotation, decline to issue any contract or satisfy it requirement separately from this RFQ process.

AgriFutures Australia Research Agreement

How to make a submission

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If you have any questions about the RFQ process or requirements in the management services, please contact:

Gae Plunkett
Research Manager Tea Tree Oil
O490 091856