Promoting the Importance of Honey Bees: Honey Bee Extension Coordinator RFQ

AgriFutures Australia is seeking the services of an individual or organisation to deliver extension and engagement services for the honey bee industry that will highlight the presence and importance of the honey bee industry. This is a 12-month opportunity to create genuine change and be involved in an innovative and forward-thinking industry at a national level.

The Promoting the Importance of Honey Bees: Honey Bee Extension Coordinator RFQ closes Tuesday, 20 April 2021 at 12noon (AEDT).


Following the announcement of the Australian Government $1.5 million grant to promote the crucial role the honey bee plays in food production, AgriFutures Australia has been working with the honey bee industry through AHBIC to understand the scope of funding investment.

In 2020 an extensive industry stakeholder mapping exercise resulted in the development of a communication plan, offering a pathway to unify and engage the Australian honey bee industry.

From the initial scoping survey, of particular interest were the results from a public survey of almost 1,000 Australians which revealed an overwhelmingly positive sentiment towards the role of bees in Australian agriculture, yet it found understanding of industry and the value of honey bees to the agricultural sector was limited.

The findings reinforce the industry’s challenge when it comes to collaboration. The communication plan aims to ensure alignment within the industry, creating a common vision and structuring activities around unity, professionalisation and premium offerings. This presents an opportunity to influence public perception and in turn increase the value, and awareness of, the entire industry.

In the context of the drought and summer bushfires, raising awareness of the crucial role of bees will be vital in the recovery of the industry, natural environment and help future proof the industry for years to come.

Following the stakeholder mapping exercise, a communication agency has been engaged to deliver on a honey bee industry communication program. The extension role will work closely with the communication agency and AHBIC to deliver on the project needs.

Extension goals

Extension activities will focus on three themes identified in the industry communication plan; honey, pollination and the environment, including biosecurity and sustainability.


  • Health Benefits
  • Flavour:  Variation due to floral resources
  • Sharing knowledge of commercial and recreational beekeepers to better inform the community.


  • Raise awareness of the important role bees play in ecosystems, pollination and global food security
  • Improve the information available to the public about the importance of bees.

Environment, Biosecurity, Sustainability.

  • Raise awareness of the importance of biosecurity to safeguarding our bees
  • Increase awareness of the importance of resource access and security in state forests and loss of habitat generally
  • Increase awareness of impact of agricultural chemicals on bee health.

Extension requirements

The honey bee extension coordinator will be required to deliver the following services:

  • Provide quality extension services that benefit the Australian honey bee industry
  • Facilitate the adoption of outcomes resulting from the AHBIC communication plan (to be supplied to successful candidate)
  • Regular collaboration with AHBIC as the national industry body and supporting communications agency
  • Industry stakeholder engagement within the honey bee industry, externally to industry stakeholders and wider public about the presence and importance of the honey bee industry
  • Deliver engagement activities such as industry events, training activities, content creation and newsletter distribution in collaboration with industry associations
  • Coordination and promotion of industry training activities e.g. extensionAUS Professional Beekeepers community of practice
  • Evaluation and reporting of industry feedback and extension activities to understand the effectiveness of extension and communications activities
  • Assist in the implementation of the AHBIC communication plan in collaboration with communication agency
  • Coordination of content approvals with communication agency and industry association
  • Assist in the management of industry association website content updates and enquiries
  • Assist in the creation of social content and monitoring of social media channels and enquiries
  • Management of contact database for distribution of extension and communication content
  • Travel to industry events where appropriate, such as the Australasian Honey Bee Research Conference and state association events.

Successful candidate competencies:

  • Strong knowledge and understanding of the honey bee industry
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • A proven ability to communicate with influence to drive practice change and adoption of industry outcomes, as well as the effective dissemination and engagement of deliverables with industry stakeholders
  • Demonstrated experience in reporting and monitoring progress of extension activities
  • Knowledge of and experience in working with stakeholders across an industry, including growers/farmers, researchers and other advisors, the peak industry body, government departments etc.

Project relationship requirements

The successful applicant will work closely with AHBIC as the national industry body on the project activities and participate in regular meetings with AHBIC management to monitor project progress, prioritise tasks and accountabilities in relation to industry needs. On an operational level, the extension coordinator will work closely with the communication agency to deliver on the industry communication plan.

Individuals or organisations making a submission are required to have an understanding of how to engage with producers, growers and industry associations in the agricultural sector, as well as an understanding of how to appropriately deliver relevant content to industry stakeholders via their industry channels.

A 0.2 FTE workload is expected over a 12-month period (to June 2022), with an increased workload in the first 2-3 months and scaled down capacity for ongoing roll out of associated extension activities. The successful applicant will be required to outline an appropriate rate and budget for delivery of associated tasks.

Flexibility in delivery is expected, with project scope to be confirmed with selected candidate following initial scoping meeting.

Applicants are required to submit a proposal including the following detail:

  • Extension services proposal covering requirements outlined in the brief
  • Budget proposal on how the expected costs will be apportioned across the timeframe
  • Resourcing model to support services required, and;
  • Provide supporting documentation demonstrating the applicant’s capacity, capabilities and track record in delivering and implementing efficient industry communication and extension.

A shortlist of candidates may be asked to present to a selection panel in April 2021.

Submitting an application

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Date Activity
30 March 2021 RFQ applications open
20 April 2021 RFQ applications close
May 2021 Expected execution of contract and commencement of role
June 2022 Project completion and/or transition pending review of funding model



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