Request for Quotation Goat Fibre Program – Goat Fibre Sustainable Production Guidelines and Manual

This Request for Quotation (RFQ) is seeking services of an individual or organisation to produce Goat Fibre Sustainable Production Guidelines and a Production Manual as part of the AgriFutures™ Goat Fibre program.

The aim of this project is to provide AgriFutures™ Goat Fibre Program with Goat Fibre Sustainable Production Guidelines and a Production Manual for use by the goat fibre industry. Sustainable production includes animal welfare, safe work and environmental sustainability.

Individuals or organisations making a submission are required to have an understanding of auditable quality assurance systems and experience in preparation of a practical production guide. An understanding of the fibre industry especially goat fibre would be an advantage.

This RFQ for the AgriFutures™ Goat Fibre Program closes 5pm (AEDT) Tuesday 27 August 2019.


Angora goats produce mohair; a very long (120-150mm), lustrous and resilient luxury fibre which may be processed as pure mohair fabric or blended with other natural fibres to give texture and lustre to the finished fabric. Angoras are shorn every six months.

The Australian mohair fibre is highly sought after at six monthly auctions held in Narrandera, New South Wales. Global markets increasingly require assurance of best practice production systems to underpin this strong Australian market position.

AgriFutures Australia in discussion with Mohair Australia have identified this industry development priority. This project is part of the levy funded AgriFutures™ Goat Fibre program.

Project requirements

Successful tenders are required to:

  • Consult with industry to develop relevant guidelines for sustainable mohair production and a production manual that can be used as a basis for an industry wide quality management system.
  • Draft the manual to meet all relevant standards and requirements.
  • Develop recommendations for adoption of quality systems by Australian mohair producers.
  • Prepare publication to meet AgriFutures Australia Final Report requirements.
  • Prepare publication of Goat Fibre Sustainable Production Manual for printing, completing design for publication in consultation with AgriFutures Australia communication team.
  • Make presentations at the Mohair Australia AGM or another relevant industry meeting.

Project deliverables

The successful tenders will be required to produce:

  • Goat Fibre Sustainable Production Manual including market relevant production guidelines designed to be the basis of an auditable assurance system.
  • A final report in AgriFutures™ format for publishing on the AgriFutures Australia
  • Presentations to the Mohair Australia Annual General Meeting.

Facilities and assistance offered by AgriFutures Australia

AgriFutures Australia will provide the successful tenders with the following as benchmark publications:

  • South African Mohair production manual
  • Dairy Goats – a practical handbook


A project reference group has been formed consisting of:

  • Steve Roots – President Mohair Australia Limited
  • Craig Clancy- Manager – Australian Mohair Marketing Organisation


Date                                                          Activity

7 August 2019                                              RFQ application open

27 August 2019 5pm AEDT                      RFQ applications close

26 September 2019                                    Expected execution of contract or issue of agreement

May 2020                                                    Expected project completion date

AgriFutures Australia believes that the project should be completed within six months. If a longer timeframe is required, the Tenderer should explain why that is the case.

Terms of reference

By submitting an application, respondents acknowledge that they are willing to accept the terms and conditions set out in the Provider Agreement.

The Respondent agrees that AgriFutures Australia may accept or decline to accept the Respondent’s Quotation in its discretion. No commitments or contract exists until a contract in the form of the Provider Agreement is executed by both parties. The Respondent agrees that AgriFutures Australia is not required to enter into any contract in connection with the RFQ.

The Respondent agrees that participation in any stage of the RFQ process is at the Respondent’s sole risk and cost.

Acceptance of a Quotation will occur only when an Agreement is issued or a contract is executed.

AgriFutures Australia, at its discretion, may discontinue this RFQ, decline to accept any Quotation, decline to issue any contract or satisfy it requirement separately from this RFQ process.


If you have any questions about the RFQ process or the requirements in the management services, please contact:

John Smith
General Manager, Research
0437 179 359