The Safety and Efficacy of Tea Tree Oil

This Request for Quotation (RFQ) is seeking services to collate, review and systematically arrange the publications currently available on the safety and efficacy of Tea Tree Oil as part of the AgriFutures Tea Tree Oil Program.

The aim of this project is to allow for effective communications of up to date, relevant messages on the safety, stability and efficacy of Tea Tree Oil to target audiences. The objective is to map published R&D clinical/scientific evidence currently available against matters relating to safety, efficacy, stability and applications for Tea Tree Oil. Communication of the findings will be via a review and revision of AgriFutures Australia’s publication The Safety and Effectiveness of Australian Tea Tree Oil.

In addition, a publication in the form of a peer reviewed paper submitted to a reputable journal is required. Independently, a range of communications will be rolled out across a range of user channels.

The Tea Tree Oil Program RFQ closes 12 noon (AEST) 5 May 2020.


This Request for Quote will address the strategies within the three R&D objectives for the industry, and outlined in the Tea Tree Oil Program RD&E Plan 2018-2022.

The broad RD&E objectives are:

  • Improving supply
  • Increasing demand
  • Extension, sustainability and human capital.

Within the Tea Tree Oil RD&E Plan there is particular interest in projects that address the Increasing Demand strategy:

  • Increasing demand by growing the understanding of the safety, effectiveness and applications for tea tree oil. The work is important to encourage the use of tea tree oil as an ingredient in cosmetic, therapeutic and industrial formulations. Collating clinical and scientific information in a clear and easily accessible format with appropriate references will make it far easier for manufacturers to correctly identify and utilise information relating to the safety and effectiveness of Tea Tree Oil and applications to which Tea Tree Oil will offer benefit. Manufacturers will be able to formulate TTO-containing products and offer these to consumers with confidence.


Project deliverables

1. A review and update of the AgriFutures Australia publication 2007 Safety and Efficacy of Tea Tree Oil that provides clear pathways to evidence. These pathways are to include safety, effectiveness and various applications for Tea Tree Oil. The new publication will be strongly grounded in scientific facts but will be written in layman’s terms to include new data and information available from all R&D including all key references. The publication will:

  • Educate the target audience of published clinical and scientific evidence available on Tea Tree Oil.
  • Inspire formulators to use Tea Tree Oil in new product developments.
  • Increase the demand for Australian Tea Tree Oil

2. A research paper on the safety and efficacy of Tea Tree Oil submitted to a top peer reviewed journal. This paper will be fully referenced and incorporate all data and information available from R&D.

3.The creation of a range of Tea Tree Oil formulations for publication. This will include guidelines for the use of Tea Tree Oil for stability, efficacy and safety. The aim is to create a hub of formulations featuring Tea Tree Oil as the “hero ingredient”. Each formulation will address a specific indication with the efficacy of Tea Tree Oil on this condition supported by existing R&D work.

  • Provide formulators with a starting point to create products based on the baseline Tea Tree formulation.
  • Inspire confidence in formulators regarding the stability of Tea Tree Oil in the baseline Tea Tree formulation.
  • Assist and promote the use of Australian Tea Tree Oil in formulations as the formulation process and timeline has been fast tracked
  • Increase the demand for Australian Tea Tree Oil.

Individuals or organisations making submissions are required to have an understanding of and extensive experience with Tea Tree Oil research and development.

Successful completion of the Request for Quote will include a detailed budget, project design, and communication strategy.

The budget should not exceed $20,000.

Assistance offered by AgriFutures Australia

Once submitted and accepted by AgriFutures Australia, the documents will be formatted and prepared for publication by AgriFutures Australia. A strategy developed with the researcher/s will make the publications readily available to the target audience and target delivery channels for dissemination. The publications will also be available for download free of charge on the AgriFutures Australia website.


Date                                                    Activity

31 March 2020                                      RFQ application open

12 noon (AEST) 5 May 2020               RFQ applications close

26 May 2020                                          Expected execution of contract or issue of agreement

31 May 2021                                            Expected project completion dates

AgriFutures Australia believes that the project should be completed within 12 months. If a longer timeframe is required, the Tenderer should explain why that is the case.

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