AgriFutures Thoroughbred Horses Program Request for Quotation: Thoroughbred horses stakeholder mapping and communications preferences

This Request for Quotation (RFQ) is seeking services tundertake a stakeholder mapping and an assessment of the communications preferences of our stakeholders for the AgriFutures Thoroughbred Horses Program.  

The aim of this project is to provide AgriFutures Australia with a comprehensive understanding of  stakeholders (with a focus on breeders, vets, trainers and racing officials among others), how they access, receive and digest research information to undertake practice change, and any issues associated with accessing this information 

It is preferred that individuals or organisations making a submission have an understanding and empathy for the thoroughbred breeding and racing industry.  

The AgriFutures Thoroughbred Horses Program RFQ closes 12 noon (AEST), Tuesday 28 May 2021 


AgriFutures Australia invests in RD&E on behalf of the thoroughbred breeders of Australia through the Thoroughbred Horses levy, matching government funds, and industry contributions. AgriFutures Australia is committed to enabling practice change through efficient and effective extension of RD&E outcomes.  

 The AgriFutures Thoroughbred Horses Program seeks to improve the sustainability, productivity, and competitiveness of the Australian thoroughbred industry. The Program aims to support an efficient breeding system that works towards reducing the average number of serves per pregnancy, increasing live foals delivered per mare covered, and increasing the DNA parentage count confirmed each year. We value durable horses with long racing careers. 

 Key to achieving these goals is the dissemination and extension of our research in an effective and efficient manner to enable adoption and practice change. To facilitate practice change and research extension, the Program must have a thorough understanding of: 

  • How they access trusted research information (and how they would prefer to receive this information i.e. written, audio, visual, kinesthetic, online, face-to-face etc.). 
  • What information they access (content). 
  • Preferred sources of information. 
  • If stakeholders currently encounter any pain points accessing this information.  
  • What information will encourage practice change and how should this be delivered.  

Project Requirements

This project will provide strategic information about key stakeholders which will enable the Program to increase understanding of:  

  • The way stakeholders access information, what type of information stakeholders trust and where they source this trusted information. 
  • If there are any influencers that could be utilised by the Program to extend RD&E information. 
  • What issues stakeholders have accessing research information,  
  • The best way to  deliver targeted communication outputs to stakeholders. This project will be utilised to develop a Program communications strategy and subsequent plan.  

Project deliverables

Deliverables will include:

A report (format to be discussed in consultation with AgriFutures Australia) detailing:

  • Stakeholder map and profiles – including information needs, current information sources and desired communications sources.   
  • What stakeholders consider trusted information and where they access this information.  
  • Barriers for adoption and practice change that relates to research extension and communication.  

The successful tenderer will also be required to present its findings to AgriFutures Australia. 

Outcomes will include: 

  • A thorough understanding of the industries stakeholders among AgriFutures Australia staff and the Thoroughbred Horses Program Advisory Panel. 
  • Information to support the development of the Thoroughbred Horses Program Strategy RD&E Plan and specifically the Plan’s communications and extension requirements.  


Date                                       Activity

30 April 2021                                  RFQ application open

28 May 2021                                   RFQ applications close

25 June 2021                                 Expected execution of contract or issue of agreement

15 December 2021                         Expected project completion date


AgriFutures Australia believes that the project should be completed within six months. If a longer timeframe is required, the Tenderer should explain why that is the case.

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