Chicken Meat Open Call

Open Call for Preliminary Research Proposals (PRP’s).


To improve industry engagement with the research and ultimately improve the adoption of research outcomes, all projects will have a steering committee that is selected by AgriFutures Australia.

Proposals will be accepted within specified periods. Round 3 – 5 February to 5:00pm (AEDST) 20 March 2018.

It is strongly encouraged that proposals clearly indicate:

  • Who will be undertaking the majority of the work (it must be clear if new staff and/or students are to be employed to undertake the work)
  • Who will be undertaking the statistical analysis (if required), including relevant expertise
  • The plan for extension of research outcomes from the project activity work, i.e. beyond distribution of summaries and conference presentations
  • Should the project outcomes not result in immediate outcomes for industry then the proposal must define the research focus and stakeholders
  • Where relevant, proposals should include collaboration with international experts in the field, which may not be located in Australia (this addresses priorities in Objective 4).

The AgriFutures Australia Chicken Meat Program is looking to specifically fund research in the following specific topic areas in 2018/2019 to support priority investments already in progress. Proposals that address other topics should be discussed with AgriFutures Australia prior to submission.


  • Review of parameters that impact on industry noise levels and the barriers and opportunities to address this
  • A review of water purification and treatment options/techniques for on-farm and processing applications.

Researcher submission checklist:

  • If the project requires statistical analysis, has a qualified statistician been engaged to undertake project design and data analyses?
  • Is the Principal Investigator an early career researcher (less than five years since postgraduate study completion)?
  • Has the proposal been discussed with AgriFutures Australia?
  • Has the proposal been discussed with people in the chicken meat industry?
  • Does the proposal identify if the work also potentially relates to the egg industry?
  • Does the proposal clearly identify who will be undertaking the bulk of the work (might not necessarily be the PI)?
  • Does the proposal clearly articulate what the applied outcome for industry will be? (even if it is a long-term applied project there should still be a focus on an applied outcome).
  • Does the proposal clearly outline what the potential process might be for identifying extension opportunities? (Excluding publications and opportunities for presenting the work at conferences)
  • Does the proposal take into consideration where the international expertise is in the area of research? (this addresses priorities in Objective 4 of the Chicken Meat Five Year Plan).


It is strongly advised that researchers contact either the AgriFutures Australia Chicken Meat program, Development Officer, Kylie Hewson or Program Manager, Michael Beer, prior to submitting a proposal.

Kylie Hewson
Chicken Meat program Development Officer

Michael Beer 
Program Manager, Research & Innovation