AgriFutures Buffalo Program development of a Strategic RD&E Plan

The aim of this project is to provide AgriFutures Australia with a Strategic RD&E Plan that outlines the buffalo programs RD&E objectives for the next five years. The Strategic RD&E Plan will be shaped through consultation with key industry stakeholders and will identify the industry’s priorities for investment and outcomes sought for the five-year period.

Request for Quotation

Individuals or organisations making a submission are required to have a strong understanding of the Australian buffalo industry including the rangeland buffalo industry in the NT, which are destined for the domestic market as well as export live to South-East Asia after mustering, and the buffalo dairy industry, particularly in QLD and VIC. The successful respondent is required to understand the industry RD&E needs of the Australian livestock sector here and along their supply chains. Similarly, the successful respondent will demonstrate familiarity with AgriFutures Australia operations, our Strategic RD&E Plan 2017-2020, and the goals of Arena 3 ‘Growing Profitability’.

The AgriFutures Buffalo Program RFQ closes 12 p.m. (midday) Monday, 26 October 2020.


AgriFutures Australia Program Strategic RD&E Plans are a key part of implementing the AgriFutures Australia Strategic R&D Plan 2017-2022 and provide an industry-specific basis for our Annual Operational Plan, guiding AgriFutures Australia’s investments on behalf of industry stakeholders. These Strategic RD&E Plans identify and balance RD&E priorities and outcomes to promote industry productivity, profitability and sustainability.

To determine the optimum balance of investment in RD&E activities, each levied industry periodically undertakes a strategic planning process in consultation with key industry stakeholders. The outcome of this process is a Strategic RD&E Plan that identifies the industry’s priorities for investment and key outcomes sought for the period of that plan.

The AgriFutures Buffalo Program RD&E objectives for 2013-2018 are covered by the objectives of the Animal Industries RD&E Plan:

  • Provide new and developing animal industries with regular and up-to-date market assessments
  • Enhance industry success through targeted industry-specific RD&E Strategies
  • Facilitate new industry growth through multi-disciplinary approaches that potentially advantage several industries
  • Improve capacity across new and developing animal industries.

Buffalo industry areas of focus include:

  • Reinvigoration of the live export program, especially stunning procedures, to allow compliance with ESCAS and Halal.
  • Examination of opportunities for local processing facilities (including Halal).
  • Compilation of specific information for buffalo management (meat and milk).
  • Distribution of milk composition information to industry and general public.
  • Monitoring genetic improvement in buffalo dairying and providing support as possible (e.g. encouraging producer input of data into Breedplan to identify superior dairy genetics in Riverines).

Project requirements and deliverables

The following tasks are to be completed:

  • Review the state of the industry (e.g. industry value, key markets, number and location of producers/farmers, etc), background, rationale and state of the Australian buffalo industry to set the scene for RD&E investment to support profitable and sustainable production.
  • Include discussion of the domestic buffalo meat market, genetic improvement, and include consultation on technology in buffalo production practices.
  • Consult with relevant Buffalo industry stakeholders about the industry’s strategic issues and RD&E needs, including by not limited to consultation with:
    • Australian Buffalo Industry Council (ABIC)
    • Northern Territory Buffalo Industry Council (NTBIC)
    • NT Farmers Association (NTFA)
    • Aboriginal Land Economic Development Agency (ALEDA)
    • NT Land Councils
    • Australian Livestock Export Corporation Ltd (LiveCorp)
    • Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA)
    • Animal Health Australia (AHA)
    • Australian Meat Processors Corporation (AMPC)
    • As well as key researchers working in the buffalo and relevant livestock disciplines.
  • Support ABIC and NTBIC members’ understanding of the consultation to ensure this RD&E plan investment direction aligns with their industry plans.
  • Present the draft Plan and discussion on consultation as a PowerPoint document and presentation (using video conferencing) to AgriFutures, ABIC and NTBIC members for feedback. Review comments and feedback will be incorporated in a Final Report.
  • Use the AgriFutures Australia Strategic RD&E Plan report template to provide a new Strategic RD&E Plan for the AgriFutures Buffalo program.

 The final deliverable should include a final report to be delivered in the AgriFutures Australia Strategic RD&E Plan template.

At the project inception meeting, AgriFutures Australia will provide project information and stakeholder contact details.


24 September 2020RFQ application open
26 October 2020RFQ applications close
30 October 2020Expected execution of contract or issue of agreement
2 November 2020Project inception meeting held
3 December 2020Draft report and presentation complete
16 December 2020Final report submitted to AgriFutures Australia (Expected project completion date)

AgriFutures Australia believes that the project should be completed within a six week timeframe. If a longer timeframe is required, the Tenderer should explain why that is the case.

Terms and conditions

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AgriFutures Australia, at its discretion, may discontinue this RFQ, decline to accept any Quotation, decline to issue any contract or satisfy it requirement separately from this RFQ process.

How to make a submission

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If you have any questions about the RFQ process or requirements in the management services, please contact:

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