The nature and role of bilateral and regional trading agreements


On going trade liberalisation is an important component of the future success of Australian agriculture as well as ensuring future food security in importing nations around the world. Understanding the best means of achieving trade liberalisation, as well as properly understanding the ways in which benefits emerge, continues to provide challenges both to Australian policy makers in designing Australia policy positions. This project aims to contribute to these challenges by first, providing a submission to the PC Commissioned Study into Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements and second by providing appropriately designed and targeted material suitable for use in discussions with Australia’s trading partners.


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Centre for International Economics

Objective Summary

To gather together and summarise a range of information, including quantitative and qualitative analyses, on trade liberalisation and the formation of bilateral trade agreements in order to (a) prepare a submission to the current Productivity Commission (PC) Commissioned Study into Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements and; (b) help prepare a series of ‘brochures’ (format to be determined in the course of the project) to assist government and industry representatives in the course of visits to North Asian (China, South Korea and Japan) countries. For part (a) the focus will be on providing insights to the PC that have emerged in RIRDCs past research as well as incorporating recent research on bilateral trade agreements. For part (b) the emphasis will be on providing clear information on Australian agriculture and its complementarities with North Asian markets in order to explain the mutual benefits of trade liberalisation.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

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