Taxation in agriculture -Phases 2,3,4


The project aims to provide an update on current taxation issues with the view to providing a robust, evidencebased report that will enable the various industry sectors and peak bodies to prepare submissions to the Tax White (and potentially Green) paper process and advocate issues specific to their sector. This project is linked to Phase 1 taxation in agriculture projectPrj010355 This project includes 3 phases: Phase 2Continued research and preparation/ release of Discussion Paper Phase 3Delivery of one day workshop. Phase 4Draft report presentation final report.


National Rural Issues

Research Organisation

Boyce Chartered Accountants

Objective Summary

To develop a shared understanding of the major tax reform issues facing the agricultural sector, that the federal government should be focusing on in relation to the White Paper process and potentially the Green paper if issued during the project. The key focus areas include: Succession planning, Enhanced regional development and growth, Risk mitigation, Increased productivity and profitability, Innovation

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

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Monday, April 18, 2016

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An environmentally sustainable Australia

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