Tariff Quota Administration and Trade Liberalisation


The project will use economic principles to analyse the effect of Ttariff quota (TQ) access conditions and administration on trade in agricultural products. The analysis will make extensive use of the evidence from the current use of TQs under WTO market access agreements. Notifications to the WTO on the use of TQs and administration will provide a basis for the analysis. The study will supplement this information with an assessment of the different types of regulations used by the importing countries for TQ management. The study will review the available information and provide an assessment of the administration issues that act as nontariff barriers within the TQs. It will then select some examples to highlight cases where the TQ management conditions would seem to be affecting fill rates. The analysis will consider the role of domestic market conditions and inquota tariff rates on the use of TQs. This is a common argument used by importing countries to explain the underutilisation of TQs. In situations where low fill rates are not consistent with market conditions a review of the TQ management may provide a plausible explanation for the underperformance.


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Objective Summary

The objective of the project is to investigate the effects of tariffquota administration conditions on the utilisation of concessionary market access for agricultural products. It will review TQ access for key products in some major markets of interest to Australia and use selected examples to assess the effect of market conditions, inquota tariffs and TQ administration on fill rates. The aim is to: identify and evaluate TQ access conditions and administration procedures that are nontariff barriers restricting the use of TQs; provide an improved understanding of the way TQ management can affect fill rates; use specific TQs of interest to Australia as examples to demonstrate how nontariff access conditions rather than domestic market conditions in the importing country could be restricting opportunities for trade; and develop a set of principles for TQ administration and access conditions that would minimise the risk of nontariff barriers restricting the use of TQs.

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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