Road transport trends in Australia


This project will deliver a report on the current status of Australia’s agricultural fleet. This will entail an analysis of the nature of the fleet, how it is used, and how trends in ownership and operation of the fleet will affect changing transport policy and costs for the sector. In addition to conducting an initial desktop review to ascertain what published data is available on Australia’s farm vehicle fleet, a survey will be conducted of agricultural vehicle operators across Australia. This survey will address the project requirements and will constitute the bulk of the report on Australia’s agricultural vehicle fleet.


National Rural Issues

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Marsden Jacob Assocciates Pty Ltd

Objective Summary

The objectives of the project include an analysis of what constitutes the current agricultural fleet in Australia and insight into the trends in ownership and operation of this fleet. It also includes an exploration of the implications for policy makers and road managers (such as fuel and energy use, transport efficiency, and vehicle access arrangements). In terms of deliverables, the project will include: desktop reviews/preliminary research of the current agricultural transport fleet; survey data from farm vehicle operators relating to farm vehicle usage in Australia; a draft report identifying trends and significant themes from desktop review and surveying; and a finalised report.

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

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Monday, July 15, 2013

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An environmentally sustainable Australia

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Adoption of R&D

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NRI-National Rural Issues


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