Research and Grant writing for Researchers Workshop


Many applicants applying for funding through Research Development Corporations (RDCs) are not familiar with the style, tone and content required to successfully win tenders and expressions of interest. This leads to both poor quality applications and a significant waste of resources from both applicant and assessor.

To improve the quality and likely success of applicants in being granted funding, AgriFutures Australia is aiming to run a focused proposal writing workshop. The aim of the workshop is to improve the quality of proposals received, reduce the time taken by applicants in the writing process and ultimately ensure that high quality projects are funded, and deliver benefit to industry. While the approach used in this workshop would ultimately benefit all applicants, a specific focus will be to increase the pool of researchers and consultants that serve the small and levied industries and the quality of the projects they submit.

Additional work 

Colere Group will provide the following to 20-30 participating groups:

  • Opportunity to provide a recent (or ideally future) application to Colere for evaluation.
  • An individual zoom consultation to discuss their key challenges in the application process and an opportunity to collaboratively rework their application provide advice on how to improve their application development and writing skills.
  • A further follow up will be provided to review and comment each participant’s draft application for a PTUP grant

A final project summary report will be provided to Agrifutures outlining the support provided and include areas addressed for future improvements. The final deliverable will be developed using AgriFutures templates as designed by AgriFutures Australia.


National Rural Issues

Research Organisation

Colere Group PTY LTD

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Project Start Date

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Project Completion Date

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

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NRI-National Rural Issues