Regional Ginger Extension Program


Implementation of an innovative extension program that supports all of the Ginger growers to increase productivity, farm gate profitability and global competitiveness. This will be achieved through the appointment of an Industry Development Officer (IDO) and implementation of an extensive and innovative R&D extension program. This will focus and coordinate RD&E activities that address innovation, technological advances and opportunities in the Ginger supply chain and create opportunities to build a resilient horticultural community that works together in good times, during disasters or during other threats to the horticultural industry.



Research Organisation

Australian Ginger Industry Association Incorporated

Objective Summary

1. The improved broader perception that Ginger producers are proactive, innovative and cutting edge as they supply Australian markets with a large variety of quality fresh and processed ginger produce 2. The execution of a cutting edge ginger growers field day which will bind together growers, supply chain representatives, service industries and Governments to highlight the valuable contribution the Ginger industry makes to southern Queensland and Australia 3. Improved horticultural grower awareness of RIRDC R&D and improved communication between growers, RIRDC, Government agricultural organisations (DAF and Department of Agriculture) and other research and development bodies. 4. Coordinated implementation of an extension program that showcases technologically advanced farming systems that are capitalising on transformational technologies to help ginger businesses grow in productivity and profitability 5. A cohesive and resilient Ginger industry that encourages individuals to seek out leadership roles, an industry that supports individuals and businesses to be individually and collectively proactive and on the front foot to address any threats to productivity and profitability

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Project Start Date

Monday, August 17, 2015

Project Completion Date

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

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An environmentally sustainable Australia

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National Priority

GIN-Drive on-farm productivity