R&D step change for the Dairy Industry – Matthew Playford


1. Terms of reference 1.1. Consider current needs, resources and opportunities in the dairy fodder/pasture sector – fodder/pasture crops to consider will include cereals, sorghum and sorghum hybrids, pennisetums, maize, annual ryegrasses, clover crops, lucerne, brasiccas and a number of minor crops eg surra, peas, lab lab etc 1.2. Without considering budget constraints, suggest advances that would achieve ‘step change’ in fodder/ pasture production or utilisation 1.3. Make a list of current and completed projects in line with the above points, and those that have not yet been done. 1.4. Tabulate the strategic drivers, including short and longterm trends 1.5. Provide estimates of risk, cost and benefit to the dairy industry for those not currently being done


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2. Methodology 2.1. Literature review 2.2. Think tank among consultant partners including overseas collaborators 2.3. Consultation with dairy farmers, industry professionals and researchers 2.4. Quantitative analysis as necessary

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Monday, May 25, 2009

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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