Quality Specifications for Australian wildflowers


To develop commercially relevant product specifications, including photographic standards, for 10 wildflower products, including several grades, photos, product handling and labelling protocols. To develop a system for auditing product quality at market entry point (wholesaler/exporter) To provide feedback to participating growers and marketers To collect and analyse data on domestic sales achieved for various product grades To promote the project concept and resulting specifications widely to industry as tools to use to raise standards, and make these tools readiliy available


New and Emerging Plant Industries

Research Organisation

New South Wales Department of Industry and Investment for and on behalf of the State of NSW - Inactive

Objective Summary

1. Consult with marketers (wholesalers and exporters), growers and grower groups to confirm up to 10 flowers currently adversely impacted in the marketplace by variable quality and presentation. The flowers will be divided into two groups – half to be progressed in year 1 of project and the remainder in year 2. 2. Draft specifications in consultation with industry for these flowers 3. Have participating growers and marketers apply the specifications to their flowers and collate their feedback 4. Assess flowers presented according to the draft specifications using an auditing system to be developed as part of the project and provide feedback to participants 5. Produce photographs to record product meeting the different grades in the specification and also common defects, eg under or over maturity, grow through and other blemishes 6. Evaluate draft specifications and discuss feedback on implementation with participating growers and marketers and make any adjustments 7. Publish specifications, photographs and supporting protocols (freely available from the internet or printed copies available at cost). Print copies to integrate into the existing postharvest manual (RIRDC 02/021) 8. Repeat tasks 27 with the remaining flowers (year 2) 9. Use the second season to gather additional information and photographs as needed The specifications developed will also serve as a model for other crops

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Friday, June 8, 2007

Project Completion Date

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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An environmentally sustainable Australia

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Advanced Technology

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NEPI-Industry building and connectivity


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