Profitable and environmentally sustainable sub clover and medic seed harvesting


This project will comprise a team with skills in agricultural engineering, pasture agronomy and breeding and plant physiology. The project will support an engineering PhD student and seek additional students from other sources. The research team will work with a range of leading seed growers and pasture seed companies in WA, SA, NSW and Victoria to develop innovative solutions to increase subterranean clover and annual medic seed harvesting efficiency and reduce environmental impacts. The ideas and experiences of seed growers and agronomists will be captured in an initial workshop to refine project directions and identify key collaborators. The aim is to develop solutions that can be adopted on different soil types across the main seed growing regions. The project will mainly focus on subterranean clover, as it has the largest seed industry, but many principles will also apply to annual medics. Two approaches will be taken: 1. Engineering/mechanical, to modify current machinery 2. Agronomic, to improve harvesting efficiency and reduce soil erosion


Pasture Seeds

Research Organisation

University of Western Australia

Objective Summary

This project aims to overcome the environmental damage caused by suction harvesting of subterranean clover and annual medic seeds. Specific project objectives are to: Assess and identify engineering recommendations for modification of current harvesting machinery to improve harvesting efficiency and environmental outcomes. Identify design recommendations for the development of a new prototype harvesting machine that will further improve harvesting efficiency and environmental outcomes. Develop agronomic and soil management packages to reduce soil erosion prior to, during and following seed harvesting.

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Friday, September 28, 2018

Project Completion Date

Friday, April 22, 2022

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PSE-Production and processing efficiency and profitability