PDOs, PGIs and TSGs: Implications for Australian agriculture


In 1992, the European Community created Council Regulation 2081/92 to protect regional and traditional foodstuffs. As the first legal instrument to cover all agricultural products (with the exception of wines and spirits), this regulation had the broad objectives of encouraging the diversification of agricultural production and of promoting products having certain characteristics to the benefit of the rural economy. The regulation draws a distinction between Protected Geographical Indications (PGIs) and Protected Designations of Origin (PDOs). On 20 March 2006, the 1992 regulation was replaced by Regulation 510/2006. This new regulation allows producers from third countries to register products in the European Union, allowing for the protection of their products in the Member States of the European Union. Simplifying the registration procedure for PDO/PGI products, the new rule also implements a WTO Panel ruling making the registration procedure fully WTO compatible with third country applications. The products covered by these regulations include cheeses, processed meats, fruits and vegetables, and beer. Separate regulations apply to wine and spirits. Some of the products are well known; others would be known only to food connoisseurs. The research that this report is based upon set out to examine the development of GI products, with the focus on the EU.


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The University of Queensland

Objective Summary

(a) Assemble information on the types of products affected by PDOs, PGIs and TSG regulations (b) Assess whether these forms of regulation constitute a nontariff barrier (c) Evaluate what implications these forms of regulation/intervention might have for Australian agriculture (d) Identify other related areas where further research may be warranted.

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

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An environmentally sustainable Australia

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