Pasture Improvement Initiative


The Pasture Improvement Initiative will develop a pasture assessment and decisionmaking pathway that delivers a tailored toolbox of current pasture improvement strategies. This collaborative approach with industry, R, D & E organisations and farmers will integrate researchbased information packages with regional farm case studies relating to successful pasture and fodder crop management, pasture improvement, pasture renovation and seed production. In this way the Pasture Improvement Initiative will create awareness and enable farmers to realise the full potential of their pastures, livestock and crops within a local context


Pasture Seeds

Research Organisation

Pasture Renewal Initiative Ltd

Objective Summary

The Pasture Improvement Initiative (PPI) is a pasture and livestock industry collaboration that aims to boost the productivity, profitability and sustainability of Australia’s pasture feedbase and in so doing create value for its stakeholders along the supply chain. Raise awareness about the potential benefits and value of adopting various pasture improvement tools. Establish the PII as a key source of pasture management information Information “Clearing House” Increase the number of ‘advisors’ recommending pasture improvement strategies. Increase the number of farmers adopting improved pasture management practices. Increase the overall knowledge of the pasture improvement tool box across the supply chain through providing access to information, education programs and collaborating in demonstration sites.

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Project Start Date

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Project Completion Date

Monday, May 15, 2017

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