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Pastures Australia (PA) commissioned CSIRO to develop a pasture selection tool in January 2007. With considerable input and assistance from State agencies the project was completed in 2009. Although the tool has been launched and had reasonable industry exposure there will be an ongoing need for it to be updated and upgraded if it is to remain useful across the whole supply chain. Proposed management of the tool involves two elements, one mandatory and the other is optional at the discretion of the Pastures Australia Management Committee. 1) Website content management Two key focus areas include: a. Review and update of the species list (currently 125 temperate and tropical), both additions and deletions as appropriate, and management of content contained within each species listed including new and discontinued lines. b. Maintenance of industry links to the website to ensure proper functionality. This will primarily involve seed company links but will also include synergistic links in the form of complimentary tools to the information provided by the Pasture Picker. 2) Industry education The Pasture Picker has potential application right across the supply chain including, but not limited to, the following sectors: Secondary and tertiary agriculture education institutions State & national agricultural agencies Independent advisor groups Rural finance organisations Agricultural merchandise companies Pasture inputs companies – seed, fertiliser, inoculants & chemicals Farmer groups (2)Coordination of Pasture Picker workshops with these groups for the purpose of education and feedback may be a component of the management brief


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SD and CV Burge

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Continue uptake and training of the Pastures Selection tool.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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An environmentally sustainable Australia

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