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CamAg Consulting

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Task 1. Modify Pasture Picker website ( to include access to multiple pages of information Task 2. Links within species fact sheet to new varieties developed with farm notes and other applicable information. Example: Direct link into SARDI's Sulla management package; links can be provided and inserted directly into the appropriate species fact sheet. Task 3. Create a specific link to agencies and collaborating organisations aligned to Pastures Australia. E.g Links to MLA, RIRDC etc. Task 4. Create a mechanism by which registered content administrators can update the Pasture Updates online. E.g. A member of the Grasslands Society registered to update the site could login to the administrator section to add, delete or modify a pasture update. This will be in a blog style format. Task 5. Provide site metrics to allow the Pasture Australia management team to monitor the usage and major pages visited by users. Task 6. Develop a maintenance and future development plan for the website. Output will include a report detailing ongoing maintenance requirements and the marketing and promotion plans to generate further development.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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PSE-Connectivity and communication