Nutritional quality of edible insects and development of pet foods


Currently there is limited understanding of the nutritional outcomes of different feed types on the nutritional value of insects. Relatedly, foundational research on the impact(s) of existing processing techniques on insects and their nutritional composition is insufficient. The principal aim of the project is to conduct foundational research required for the edible insect industry to develop into a largescale profitable industry. To date, no study has been conducted in Australia (based on the published information) to determine the effect of different feed types on the nutritional composition of insects. Furthermore, insufficient information is available on incorporation into food/feed formulations (e.g. pet foods) and the effect of the manufacturing techniques. To ensure benefits to the whole industry, the project has been designed in collaboration between participants across the value chain. Participants include a research organisation (Western Sydney University), insect producers (Goterra and Solution Blue) and a pet food manufacturer (Buggy Bix). The project is also supported by the Insect Protein Association of Australia (IPAA). The research outcomes will assist primary producers to optimise the use of insects as feed ingredients to achieve consistently high output values at commercial scale. This information will also be helpful in growing edible insects for food/feed and will assist pet food manufacturers produce novel insectbased pet foods using Australian grown ingredients.


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Western Sydney University

Objective Summary

The goal of the project is to develop a nutritionally complete pet food product using edible insects as the primary protein source. To achieve this, the following objectives will be addressed: ● To analyse the chemical composition of different feed sources used for growing edible insects. ● To determine the nutritional composition of edible insects fed with different feed sources. ● To determine the optimum feed type to produce high yield and high quality (e.g. high protein with good amino acid balance) insectbased food/feed ingredients. ● To develop a pet food using edible insects as the main protein source. ● To evaluate commercial viability of production of pet foods based on edible insects grown in Australia

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Friday, June 12, 2020

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Monday, June 7, 2021

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