Management and ecology of key rice pests


Successful development of EC chlorothalonil formulations and niclosamide for snail control will give growers new options for combined control of snails and their eggs. Identifying which bloodworm species attack rice during later crop establishment will allow more effective control procedures directed towards target species to be developed, whilst avoiding unnecessary impacts on biodiversity. Additional data on imidacloprid will allow development of this treatment to commercial trial stage.



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New South Wales Department of Industry and Investment for and on behalf of the State of NSW - Inactive

Objective Summary

1. To complete smallscale evaluation of niclosamide and new chlorothalonil formulations for snail control in rice. 2. To develop new DNAbased techniques to determine which species of bloodworm attack rice during later crop establishment. 3. To completesmallscale evaluation of imidacloprid as a seed treatment for bloodworm control.

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Friday, July 1, 2005

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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Safeguarding Australia

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RIC-Research to achieve water efficiency target


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Management and Ecology of Key Rice Pests