International agriculture subsidies and the impact on Australian agriculture


The aim of this project is to provide AgriFutures Australia, and agricultural industries more generally, an understanding of the current state of play with regard to agricultural subsidies paid by major agricultural exporting countries to their domestic producers and provide an analysis of the extent to which those subsidies are impacting Australian agricultural producers. It is hoped this information will arm industries with better information to inform their input into trade policy debate and discussions.


National Rural Issues

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Burnside Anderson Pty Ltd trading as Kym Anderson and Associates

Objective Summary

The objective of the study is to understand the extent and economic effects of agricultural subsidies in countries that compete in the global marketplace with Australian farmers. Those countries include not only dominant exporters such as Argentina and the US but also countries that may occasionally export but whose farmers compete with imports in their home market. The study will focus on the effects of direct farmer subsidies paid out of national budgets, but will also show the effects of traderestrictive policies (such as import tariffs, which are equivalent to a producer subsidy plus a consumer tax). As well as documenting the extent of various farm subsidies in recent years, the study will estimate the trade, net farm income, and economic welfare effects in Australia and in other nations of direct farmer subsidies and of the subsidy equivalent of agricultural trade policies, using the GTAP global model.

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Monday, September 30, 2019

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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