Integrated Polyculture Industry Stage 1


Sustainable Seafood is seeking to develop an environmentally sustainable aquaculture industry that is based on the innovative concept of growing seaweed (as a marine vegetable for human consumption) in combination with fish in inland tanks. RIRDC investment is towards establishing nutritional properties of local seaweed and establishing a lab culture of selections.


New and Emerging Plant Industries

Research Organisation

Sustainable Seafood Pty Ltd

Objective Summary

1) Summarized evidence of the nutritional properties and health benefits of 8 local seaweed genera. 2) Documentation of known algal cultivation methods, research trials and potential for integration with fish culture. 3) Establishment of lab culture of 56 local marina algal species

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Project Start Date

Monday, October 1, 2007

Project Completion Date

Friday, November 27, 2009

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National Priority

Frontier technologies for building and transforming Australian industries

National Priority

Advanced Technology

National Priority

NEPI-RD&E to generate benefit across several plant industries


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