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AgriFutures Australia has identified industrial hemp as an emerging industry with the potential to exceed $10 million annual gross value of production by 2025. AgriFutures Australia considers variety performance testing and agronomy trials as a highpriority investment for the industry and intends to provide seed funding for a national hemp cultivar trial scheme. The project will deliver a report and business plan detailing the proposed national hemp cultivar trial system including technical and legal framework parameters, cost options, and financial support both inkind and cash for consideration by AgriFutures Australia.


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Stilts Pty Ltd trading as Rounding Up

Objective Summary

​The project aims to build a commercially centred and sustainable business plan for the Australian Hemp industry incorporating: 1. an industrysponsored National Cultivar Trial Scheme (NCTS) that strengthens product knowledge, grower management practices, delivers a fitforpurpose commercial variety suite and enhances industry profitability 2. ongoing cosponsorship and funding from government and private investors to actualise the business plan 3. a pathway to a national regulatory framework that facilitates the industry’s ambitions.

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Friday, August 30, 2019

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Friday, August 14, 2020

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