Improving ginger to future proof the industry against pests and diseases


​The principal aim of the project is to undertake a scoping study to investigate options for the genetic improvement of ginger to future proof the industry. This scoping study should include, but not be limited to: Investigation of the cultivars available in Australia and the options for new cultivar introductions from overseas. Selection and testing of new landrace ginger varieties (e.g. those identified by Australian growers). Mutation breeding (induction of variability through tissue culture and gamma radiation) and subsequent selection of improved stable varieties. Identification of cultivars with desirable traits that could be improved by induction of ginger polyploids (e.g. doubling of the chromosome number of ginger varieties) and subsequent selection of improved stable varieties. Investigation to determine if traditional breeding by flowering and seed set following pollination is possible and practical for ginger allowing subsequent selection of improved varieties.



Research Organisation

University of the Sunshine Coast

Objective Summary

******this project stems from PRJ011521 *************

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Project Start Date

Friday, November 30, 2018

Project Completion Date

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

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An environmentally sustainable Australia

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National Priority

GIN-Drive on-farm productivity