Horizon scanning for Australia rural industries


This project will be a first step towards building a stronger and long term horizon scanning capability for Australian agriculture. RIRDC has identified five areas for consideration in the project including: (a) a twenty year horizon; (b) nature of impacts/opportunities; (c) levers/change agents; (d) priorities and (e) role of innovation and research and development. The results emerging from this project will play a role in building partnerships with stakeholder groups and instil a longer term process of horizon scanning to ensure the competitiveness and sustainability of Australian rural industries. Ultimately the outcome of this project is a shared narrative of future trends which can help companies, governments, communities and individuals make wiser choices.


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Objective Summary

1. To identify and classify trends impacting Australia’s rural industries over the coming twenty years to help inform strategic decisions by government, industry, businesses, communities and individuals working within this sector and to help ensure long term innovation, profitability and sustainability. 2. To identify the implications for Australia’s innovation and science, research and technology sectors to influence the change and achieve better outcomes for Australia’s rural industries and whole society. 3. To set the foundation for a longer term horizon planning (and foresight) capability in Australia that continues to keep rural industry organisations and businesses informed about forthcoming geopolitical, economic, environmental, social and technological change to ensure their ongoing success.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Project Completion Date

Friday, June 5, 2015

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An environmentally sustainable Australia

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Advanced Technology

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NRI-National Rural Issues


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