Geoff Watson consultancy: Market Focused Venison Alliances - Public report


The Venison Alliance Project is a RIRDC funding support initiative that aims to provide a trigger for the establishment and further development of supply chain and cooperative structures within the deer industry. These structures, comprising any combination of producers plus processors, ‘value adders’, or marketers, will provide the basis for commercial alliances of a formal or informal nature to improve surety of direction, supply and markets.



Research Organisation

Geoffrey Keith Watson

Objective Summary

Develop and supply a final report derived from the final Stage 3 and the outcomes of the Market Focused Venison Alliance Initiative in a userfriendly form for publication.

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Project Start Date

Friday, June 20, 2008

Project Completion Date

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

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Not Available

National Priority

Frontier technologies for building and transforming Australian industries

National Priority

Advanced Technology

National Priority

DEE-Enhance industry success through targeted industry-specific RD&E