Future market insights for Australia's chicken meat industry


We propose the threestage project outlined in the paragraphs below. Consultation with industry experts during the design and analyses phases will ensure that our research addresses industry needs. Further, project findings will be disseminated to key stakeholders through usable formats including an overarching report, market segment profiles, and workshops. Stage I: Future market demand and barriers for the chicken industry will be assessed using data from two national online surveys of Australian meat buyers, conducted in 2015 and 2017. Comparison of 2015 and 2017 findings will provide industry with a deep understanding of drivers of chicken meat consumption, and will enable projections of chicken consumption behaviour. Innovative latent class methodologies will be used to identify and characterise underlying consumer segments. Stage II: Consumer usage and attitude analyses aligning with the 2009 RIRDC Chicken Meat Usage and Attitude Survey will be conducted. Cuttingedge eyetracking technology will be used to determine attributes that consumers pay attention to when buying chicken for different usage scenarios. Facetoface interview data on attitudes and perceptions of various chicken meat attributes will be obtained from the same group of consumers. This will provide insights into decisionmaking behaviour related to chicken. Stage III: We will conduct three online surveys of Australian consumers (1000 per survey) in 2018. Surveys will be designed in a manner that will allow us to compare new findings with the 2009 RIRDC Chicken Meat Usage and Attitude Survey. Insights obtained from the eyetracking component of the project will help to inform survey design.


Chicken Meat

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The University of Adelaide

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Objectives are to: 1) Understand recent trends in and provide future projections of chicken consumption behaviour and drivers of purchase preferences and purchasing behaviour of Australian consumers; 2) Understand heterogeneity in chicken product preferences to determine how to meet consumer demands in the future; 3) Provide a comprehensive understanding of current consumer usage of and attitudes towards chicken meat products; and compare current usage and attitudes data (to be collected in 2018) with data from the most recent/previous chicken usage and attitudes survey (conducted in 2009). 4) Provide industry and policy advice on strategies for reducing potential barriers to meeting and growing consumer demand for chicken meat./Develop industry and policy strategies to reduce potential barriers to meeting and growing consumer demand for chicken meat 5) Disseminate project findings to a wide range of stakeholders through publication of an overarching report, infographics with market segment profiles, peerreviewed journal articles, and training workshops.

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Friday, September 7, 2018

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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

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