FIB Biosecurity and the small landholder: linking spatial data to risk analysis


The proposed research will assist in the development of targeted strategies for biosecurity risk assessment and awareness associated with small landholders. this will enable appropriate responses to the challenges associated with biosecurity and the rapid growth and diversity of the small landholder sector in many rural periurban landscapes. The project will build awareness of industry and the small landholder sector to address biosecurity issues; provide strategies to manage biosecurity prevention and preparedness and improve capacity of industry/agency staff to target and work with the sector. This will assist in effectiveness of the National Biosecurity Awqreness Program in safeguarding Australia's rural industries.


National Rural Issues

Research Organisation

OLD ABN-The Department of Primary Industries on behalf of the State of Victoria

Objective Summary

Assess biosecurity risk associated with the small landholder sector Assist government to identify appropriate strategies to reduce biosecurity threat from this sector Develop new strategies for risk assessment.

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Friday, December 30, 2005

Project Completion Date

Monday, November 24, 2008

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Safeguarding Australia

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National Priority

NRI-National Rural Issues


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