Exotic Tropical Fruits Symposium 2020


Sponsor the Exotic Tropical Fruit Growers Symposium 2020 with the theme of 'planning now for a prosperous and sustainable industry tomorrow'. The symposium to be held in tropical Nth Queensland, present current and important historical tropical fruit research and development outcomes to existing and aspiring growers from the NT and Nth Qld. The symposium will examine a number of significant recent achievements by researchers that would directly benefit growers and other stakeholders where a pathway to commercialisation or further R&D need to be explored. The agenda would include: biosecurity, threats, Plant Health Australia Tropical Fruits Biosecurity survey, alternative market and product development opportunities, and a workshop(s) on previous industry structures and examine options for industry cohesion into the future.


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NT Farmers Association Inc

Objective Summary

Tropical exotic fruit growers comprise a small section of the horticulture sector in both Nth Qld and the NT. Recent R&D by the state agencies have identified opportunities and improvements that could have a significant economic impact of the industry with adoption and further refinement. The symposium will identify if there is a need to produce relevant practical manuals around key crop production issues, for example, crop nutrition, insect and disease management, market access protocols, and preventing crop losses from magpie geese, parrots etc. The symposium will also assess the requirement for extension and industry events and support materials targeted at specific cultural or language groups, the establishment of a grower smallgroups network for both participatory learning and needs identification, or other extension methods such as a roadshow workshop series to impart knowledge and build skills amongst grower and supply and value chain stakeholders. Plant Health Australia has led the biosecurity survey with the objective to drive the creation of an Exotic Tropical Fruit Biosecurity Plan for Northern Australia and will present the findings of the survey and the risk analysis to the symposium to create industry ownership of the issue and develop a mechanism for industry to participate in the development of the Plan. The formation of a responsive and engaged industry representative group from across the industry would also give the capacity to track and monitor crop performance, update industry data bases and collate industry data such market statistics by region, crop, variety etc.

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Monday, June 1, 2020

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

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Frontier technologies for building and transforming Australian industries

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