Ethical foods: International Situation Assessment, Opportunties/Threats


The project will provide an international situation assessment of the ethical foods movement and a SWOT assessment for Australian agriculture. Report table of contents is expected to include: 1. Introduction, Study Purpose and Method 2. Ethical Food Definitions and Scope of the Investigation 3. Consumer Requirements and Apparent Tradeoffs 4. International Sources of Supply/Key Demand Locations 5. Australian Ethical Food Sector SWOT 6. Trade Implications for Australia 7. Emerging Sector Trends 8. Conclusions and Recommendations


National Rural Issues

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AgEconPlus Pty Ltd

Objective Summary

The project is relevant to RIRDC's Environment and Farm Management, Global Competitiveness, and Food Integrity and Biosecurity programs, including the following goals and objectives: support analyses identifying new opportunities in the market place develop a research program supporting more globally focused competitive food sector environmental accreditation and labelling, ecolabelling undertake research that enhances the capacity of participants in the supply chain to ensure full integrity.

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Sunday, July 1, 2007

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Friday, October 31, 2008

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An environmentally sustainable Australia

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Adoption of R&D

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NRI-National Rural Issues


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Ethical Foods: International situation assessment, opportunities and threats