Develop canopy management strategies for Wildflower crops.


The project will produce detailed, practical canopy management guidelines for the main Wildflower crops grown in Australia. The project will focus on, but not be limited to, the top 30 products identified by the industry for PRJ000331, which defines quality specifications for the top products. This canopy management project will be done in 3 stages: Stage 1: In the first year a detailed literature survey will be done to extract and collate any information that has been published. This will begin with information published in books which are easily accessible to most industry participants. More detailed information will be found in scientific articles, which growers find very difficult to interpret and relate to practical activities. Further information will be sought from informal channels, such as grower group newsletters and websites. This latter is likely to be practical information, yet often specific to geographic location, and may need to be generalised for wider adoption. The final source for information in this first stage will be key industry contacts, to extract information gained from personal experience. A preliminary document for each product targeted will be produced at the end of this first stage. Stage 2: In the second year workshops will be held throughout Australia with formal and informal grower groups and product focused associations. Workshops will present the findings of stage 1 and request validation, clarification and additional detail from growers. These workshops will also serve to discover specific problems with canopy management for specific wildflowers, or gaps in our knowledge. Small, onfarm trials will be defined to address the issues identified. Stage 3: Onfarm trials or other research projects will continue through the third year. At the end of stage 3 detailed canopy management strategies will be produced for the wildflower crops identified at the start of the project.


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Qbloom Pty Ltd

Objective Summary

This project aims at producing a publication outlining practical canopy management strategies for the main Australian grown wildflowers, facilitating grower implementation of these strategies through structured workshops, and initiating and directing onfarm field trials to fill information gaps on key products. The project will focus, yet not be limited to, the main Australian grown wildflowers as identified in the Quality specification project, PRJ000331.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

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An environmentally sustainable Australia

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Adoption of R&D

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