Delivery of Access to Agvet Chemicals Collaborative System


Agriculture is facing current productivity challenges in terms of managing pests and diseases, which will significantly increase within the next decade. With a general decline in productivity growth and changes to external factors in managing weed, pest and disease risk, Australia more than ever requires access to new and safer pesticide and veterinary medicines. The plant and animal industries are all facing significant emerging biosecurity threats and being impacted on by pesticide resistance. Australia is no longer on the global priority list for pesticide and veterinary medicine commercialisation as it was 20 years ago. Some industries in Australia are currently missing out on up to 50% of the potential new technologies which key competitors in Europe and the USA have access to, putting those industries at a competitive disadvantage. Australian agriculture is experiencing increasing market failure regarding investment in agricultural pesticides and veterinary medicines as the case for commercial investment is not always sufficient given the current high level of regulatory burden for chemical registration and the relatively small market size. Without significant change, Australian agricultural productivity will increasingly decline, as will the ability of new and emerging industries to deliver a more diverse range of foods due to increasing market failure, even though demand for these products continues to grow. This project will establish a sustainable approach for collaboration regarding Agvet chemicals, building on recent cross industry discussions on Agvet chemical access that were supported by industry and government stakeholders. It will include establishing a collaboration and coinvestment framework to more efficiently improve Agvet technology access for agricultural industries at reduced cost. The project will also demonstrate potential value of collaboration and cost savings from investment in the collaborative framework.


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Objective Summary

The project will deliver the following objectives: Deliver a new formal system for collaborative cross industry agvet investment, which will increase current industry and commercial registrant participation and investment in addressing Australian agvet chemical needs and reducing current impacts of market failure. This system will: o Promote information sharing and coinvestment opportunities to better use resources for supporting applications to the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) for agvet chemical uses. o Inform chemical companies of potential market demand to assist in their decisions to register Australian uses. o Provide a forum for growers and the chemical industry to interact with the department and the APVMA to discuss the most effective and efficient methods of improving access to chemicals. These may include combining the investment efforts of a few grower groups to the benefit of the wider group. Demonstrate the (potential) value of collaboration and cost savings from investment through the collaborative framework to delivering increased access to agvet chemicals to Australian agriculture.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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