De-risking, commercial validation & value maximisation of Plantago in the ORIA.


Develop advanced research & development for Plantago in northern Australia based over 4 years in the Ord River Irrigation Area (ORIA). Development would transition R&D into commercialscale operations and deliver technical tools (pesticides, agronomy, scouting systems) to deliver target commercial production exceeding 2.0 tonnes/ha . Specifically, grassweed herbicide control will assist in further development of costeffective weed control, development of scouting systems through a local grower cooperative (ORDCO) to ensure pest and diseases are identified and managed. Investigation into animal feed values of the residual Plantago seed to improve profitability of the end product by assuring best total return across all products.


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Objective Summary

1. Conduct a grassweed selective Herbicide Crop Safety and Efficacy trial to identify herbicides for use as postemergent weed control in Plantago. 2. Collaboration at a commercial scale with a local grower (Oasis Farms) and state government (DPIRD) to allow independent validation of technologies to identify optimal settings, relative merit and usage to reach target yields in Plantago. 3. Develop crop inspection scouting systems to provide a valuable technical tool to Plantago growers to reduce loss due to pests and ensure timely actions. 4. Evaluate the feed value of Plantago. Conduct feed tests on seed composition (amino acid & fat) and energy value (ME) in Plantago seed fractions. Scope additional feed traits such as palatability, safety and 'in vivo' values.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

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Sunday, May 30, 2021

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