Changing decision making by LOTE growers


This project will build on this current work with Victorian LOTE growers to “case manage" this industry group to assist them in managing change and building recovery and resilience. This project will build on this success and target practice change in key sustainability and project areas that impact on the productive future of this industry.


New and Emerging Plant Industries

Research Organisation

OLD ABN-The Department of Primary Industries on behalf of the State of Victoria

Objective Summary

The aim of the project is a sustainable Asian vegetable industry by LOTE (Language Other Than English) speaking background growers that is able to produce: quality Asian vegetables (that is accepted by major supermarket stores and good to be exported) vegetables safe and free of pests and diseases, produced with minimal use of pesticides price competitive and profitable Asian vegetables Outcomes of the project: we will have improved Asian vegetable production efficiency whilst (increased profitability) maintaining an ecologically sustainable industry conducted by Quality Assured LOTE speaking background growers.

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Project Start Date

Friday, June 20, 2008

Project Completion Date

Friday, September 30, 2011

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National Priority

Safeguarding Australia

National Priority

Adoption of R&D

National Priority

NEPI-Feasibility studies and industry literature reviews


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