Building effective Australia-China supply chains post WTO: a Chinese perspe


This research examines the current supply chains for Australian food in Chinese markets, approaches to getting Australian food products into China, China’s domestic food supply chains, and the differences in supplier/customer relationships between Australian and Chinese firms.


National Rural Issues

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The University of Queensland

Objective Summary

The aim of this research is to produce a unique blend of Chinese and Australian insights into the building of effective supply chains between the two countries in a free trade agreement (FTA) environment. The objectives are to: (1) Identify potential postFTA opportunitites for Australian agribusinesses to access Chinese markets. (2) Analyse existing approches to supply chain management (SCM) between firms in chains that span developed and developing countries. (3) Identify drivers of successful SCM from the approaches and examples analysed in (2) above. (4) Taking a Chinese perspective to evaluate these drivers for their relevance effectiveness and ability to be implemented in building effective agribusiness supply chains between Australia and China. (5) Using the range of opportunities identified in (1) above to propose supply chain building approaches for Australian agribusinesses. (6) Validate these approaches with Chinese researchers, Australian firms and their potential Chinese customers.

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Saturday, July 1, 2006

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Monday, March 31, 2008

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An environmentally sustainable Australia

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Advanced Technology

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NRI-National Rural Issues