Bitterns in Rice Research Project


This project will build on a small Pilot study (the first ever study of these birds in Australian rice) to be carried out this season. This application is for RIRDC to be a partner with several organisations fund this research project. With the proposed funds sought being $80,000 with this application for $20,000. The Ricegrower's Association of Australia(RGA) will work in partnership with Birds Australia to implement the project. A Bitterns in Rice Project Officer (BIRP) to be employed and tasked with research, community awareness and extension roles.



Research Organisation

Ricegrowers' Association of Australia

Objective Summary

The R&D objectives are: To establish if the Australasian Bittern breeds in Riverina rice crops To estimate the number of these birds that inhabit Riverina rice crops To establish what agronomic practices that create the best breeding habitat for this species To establish if there are links with the rice farms environmental assetts (vegetation or wetlands) to the birds use of rice crops To establish if there are links with other agriculture crops or infrastructure Austalasian Bitterns to the birds use of rice crops

Project Code


Project Stage


Project Start Date

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Project Completion Date

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Journal Articles From Project

Not Available

National Priority

An environmentally sustainable Australia

National Priority

Adoption of R&D

National Priority

RIC-Extension, sustainability and human capital


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