Bee pest biosecurity and management levy research project


To investigate methods of increased funding from beekeepers to enhance biosecurity efforts and to meet the obligations required under existing agreements. The major means to be investigated is increasing the coverage of potential levy payers for these biosecurity and bee pest management purposes to other beneficiaries of them within the industry who are currently exempt from paying levies. The primary reason for this incomplete coverage is the high cost of collection and alternative methods of obtaining levy funds are to be investigated.


Honey Bee

Research Organisation

Terry Ryan

Objective Summary

1. Test the case for a ‘Bee pest biosecurity and management levy’ on all beekeepers equivalent to $50 per person per year, plus the cost of levy collection/compliance. 2. An assessment of which organisation/s would be most appropriate to collect the levy, taking into account the appetite of the organisations to collect the levy and the likely cost of levy collection and compliance. 3. An indication of the level of inprinciple support by States and Territories for a ‘Bee pest biosecurity and management levy’ on beekeepers to be collected by the most appropriate organisation/s identified in component 2 of this project.

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Project Start Date

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Project Completion Date

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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Safeguarding Australia

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HBE-Improve understanding of nutrition best practice and disease interaction