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Delivery of a functional and sustainable system for growers to effectively share their priorities for chemical access needs with other growers, RDCs and chemical companies Deliver cost savings from investment and reduce current impacts of AgVet chemical market failure. Facilitate cross industry prioritisation and investment for improved access to uses of AgVet chemicals resulting in: Improved priority setting and cross industry collaboration Achieving agricultural industry and commercial coinvestment in data generation supported through initial government incentive. Achieving cost savings through cross industry efficiencies and national and international collaboration and coinvestment The scope of the Forum to address AgVet investment market failure was previously described in the RIRDC project PRJ009454 final report1. Drawing on this, the scope of the Forum is proposed to address the following: Market failure in major crop and animal industries in addition to existing minor industries will be within scope of the Forum. Market failure is: considered real if an industry case can be given to identify that market failure has occurred, rather than continuing to accept the current regulation term of crop or animal 'minor use’ as being likely market failure. where pesticide use for which the anticipated volume of sales is not high enough for a manufacturer to justify the costs to register and sell the product.


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1.Maintain a list of crossindustry AgVet chemical priorities to: a.Provide a basis for information sharing and consideration of coinvestment opportunities to better use national and international resources for supporting applications to the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) for AgVet chemical uses including: i.Provide industry stakeholder consultation support in assembly and refinement of priorities ii.Assemble industry priorities for prioritisation database b.Provide a mechanism for producers to have informed discussions with chemical companies of potential market demand to assist in their decisions to register Australian uses including: i.Consultation of draft industry priorities with CropLife and AMA members ii.Workshops delivered to prioritise and achieve consensus on technical registrant support iii.Evaluate workshop outcomes and report submitted to RDCs and registrants 2.Provide a forum for producers and the chemical industry to interact with the Department of Agriculture and APVMA to: a.Identify current AgVet priorities for each participating industry sector b.Consider opportunities to improve access to chemicals 3.Support a framework for government conditional coinvestment with industry and registrants including: a.Deliver an annual update to the RIRDC AgVet website and communications program b.Deliver a report to stakeholders on the operation and outcomes of the AgVet Collaborative Forum. Following this project the forum will continue to meet annually face to face to review the cross industry list of Agvet chemicals, consider alterations/improvements to the operations and discuss any other business raised

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

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