Agronomic and Extraction Parameters for Centipeda cunninghamii Production


Australia currently has a small, underdeveloped industry based on production and extraction of Centipeda cunninghamii, an endemic Australian traditional medicinal plant. Recent industry collaboration with SCU has made significant advances into the modern herbal medicine industry through patented extraction and identification of the novel chemistry underpinning its biological activity. There is increasing international interest in highquality C. cunninghamii extracts, and limited exports have already commenced, with formulated enduse products. This project aims to tackle the identified key agronomic, harvest and postharvest issues which would enable the development of a viable Australian industry. The key project activities are selection of superior genetic material, identification of production and postproduction practices to optimise yield and quality, and the generation of data for establishment of an industry standard for the extract.


New and Emerging Plant Industries

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Western Sydney University

Objective Summary

This project will 1. Evaluate the three currently selected and grown phenotypes of C. cunninghamii, to determine which is superior, based on agronomic and chemical characteristics, with a view to its adoption as the industry standard 2. Identify key pests and diseases, with a view to their management 3. Investigate current agronomic practices (particularly fertilizer use and irrigation) to maximise yield 4. Determine optimal harvest time to maximise yield and phytochemical quality THIS RESEARCH IS THE RESULT OF SIGNIFICANT SUPPORT AND COLLABORATION WITH BIOACTIVES EXPORT PTY LTD. ________________________________________

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

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An environmentally sustainable Australia

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Adoption of R&D

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NEPI-Industry building and connectivity