A pheromone trap to catch queen bees


The project will have three phases. Phase 1. Confirm the results of Pflugfelder and Koeniger and show that an extract of the queen's abdominal tergites can attract a queen over a distance of 50 cm. Construct a prototype trap based on a queen mailing cage, a bee escape and a queen excluder strip. Bait the trap with a tergal gland extract and demonstrate its efficacy in catching laying queens in nuclei and full strength colonies. Phase 2. Identify the biologically active compound using HPLC. Phase 3. Synthesize (or buy offtheshelf) the active compound(s), and test the efficacy of the trap when baited with the pheromone rather than an extract.


Honey Bee

Research Organisation

The University of Sydney

Objective Summary

To identify the pheromone that attracts queens so that they fight To develop a queen trap that utilizes the pheromone To find an industry partner to develop the trap for commercial release

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Project Start Date

Monday, June 25, 2012

Project Completion Date

Saturday, March 31, 2018

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Frontier technologies for building and transforming Australian industries

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Adoption of R&D

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HBE-Identify and develop technology for improved hive performance